SUNMACH De - Duster Elevating Type



  • Completely Stainless steel structure
  • GMP model with contact parts SS316
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Upward ( elevating ) movement of tablets
  • Efficient De dusting with elevating motion in bottom to top motion suitable for high speed tablet machine.
  • Dual motor drive from bottom with vacuum suction pot for collection of dust.
  • Acrylic guard for process visualization
  • De Duster works on the principle of Rotary vibratory action
  • Single Phase UN Balance Vibro-motor for better vibration amplitude
  • Variable Frequency Drive based operating panel on the machine for ease of operation
  • Very low Electrical power consumption & Very low noise level
  • No moving component, hence almost maintenance free
  • Height adjustment RAM Assembly to adjust the Tablet Press output discharge
  • Tablet de-dusting route is geometrically designed as to achieve optimum de- dusting

Technical Specification

Input voltage 220 V Single Phase / 110 V Single Phase
Motor 02 nos., 0.25 Hp, 220 V, 3Ph
Tablet runway 4.5 meter ( approximate )
All contact parts SS 316
"U" type ribbon Silicon rubber
Acrylic guard 310 mm O.D. x 5 mm thick
Castor wheel 2" size, wheel of PU materia
Power Supply Single phase, 220 V 50 Hz / Single phase, 110 V 60 Hz.
Charging spout 175 mm x 50 mm
Charging Height 710 to 860 mm ( plus 150 mm extension footerce )
Dis. charging Height 870 to 1030 mm ( plus 150 mm extension footerce )
Output per hour (8mm Tablet) @ 2,50,000 Tablet / Hr