General Machine Description:

SUNPRESS IV is a Double Sided, High Speed Tablet Press. Facilitated with Pre-Compression system, it incorporates many of the proven features of SUNPRESS with the latest in machine technology. SUNPRESS IV is one of the most advance machines of its class in the market today. Improvement in the areas of sound reduction, operator safety, cleanliness and cleanability and operation convenience are some of its key advantages. The machine is extremely reliable and is offered in four different turret configurations viz. 45 "D",55 "B 61 "B" and 75 "BB" stations.


  • Available as GMP Model
  • High Speed Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press with Pre-Compression Facility
  • Maximum Output up to 324,000 tablets per hour for 45 Station "D" Tooling
  • Designed as per Stringent cGMP norms
  • Easy Accessibility for Quick Cleaning and Product Conversion
  • Improved Tablet Quality; Handles Difficult Products Easily due to Pre-Compression Facility.
  • Ensures Hygienic Production Conditions
  • PLC Controls.
  • Also Available 55 "B, 61 "B" and 75 "BB" stations.


  • PLC with HMI Controls
  • Gravity feeder
  • Vaccum transfer system
  • Powder level sensor
  • BI Layer Attachment


No of Station 45
Type of Tooling D
Output Tablets/hour 65,000 to 324,000
Maximum Operating Pressure (Main) 100 KN
Max. Operating Pressure (Pre-Compression) 10 KN
Max. Tablet Diameter 23 mm (25mm on demand)
Maximum Depth of Fill 20 mm
Upper Punch Entry 3 to 8 mm
Power (Total) 12HP

Machine Construction

(a) Drive Arrangement

The drive is transmitted from the electric motor with variable frequency control to gearbox through timing belt. An electromagnetic clutch is installed to protect the electric motor against high starting torque. The final drive is by replaceable internal helical gearing.

(b) Main Pressure and Pre Compression System

SUNPRESS IV is fitted with a pre-compression system on each side. All major controls are outside the tableting zone, except for the upper punch penetration controls for the pre-compression rolls. While the upper punch penetration controls is being determined whilst the machine is stationary, there is no possible danger to the machine operators. The large diameters of main and pre-compression rolls have been designed to ensure optimum dwell time for the punches under pressure.

(c) Pressure Loading and Overload Release

The pressure units are self contained to obviate stress on other parts of the machine. Pressure is applied by means of a hydraulic power pack. The overload release is unique in its operation on both upper and lower punches, providing a valuable extra safeguard against overload. Effectively it is the safety valve of the machine. The system ensures that any overloading transmitted to the punches is only a small percentage of the total loading. Both the upper and lower pressure rolls are adjustable, allowing variation of position at which the tablet is made in the die. This is particularly desirable with difficult materials, or when thinner tablets are being produced. Double die life can be obtained by reversing the dies.

(d) Force Feeders

SUNPRESS IV is fitted with the newly designed rotary feeders. These feeders have variable frequency drive for optimum performance over a wide range of materials and tableting speeds. Exceptional tablet weight consistency and operational cleanliness is ensured. Specially designed bottom driven force feeder incorporates a direct powder inlet to improve granulation flow and feeding performance. The design of the feeder has been simplified for repositioning. The feeders are fitted with powder discharging chutes which, when used with the hopper cut off slides, allow the feeder to be emptied before removal. The primary benefit of the feature is that it eliminates powder loss and in turn, reduces cleaning time. Efficient lubrication system is an essential feature of any high speed machine. It plays an important role in the smooth functioning as well as extended life of the machine. SUNPRESS IV has two types of lubrication systems.   (1) Intermittent and (2) Continuous - The gear drive and turret bearings are continuously pump lubricated. The oil is fitted and recycled to ensure a continuous supply of lubrication without leakage. Any pressure drop is indicated by a pressure gauge at the control panel. In the intermittent lubricant system, a fixed quantity of lubricant is sprayed at various points at a pre-set time interval.  
  • Dust Extraction

  In high speed tableting, dust extraction is essential. Two dust extraction nozzles surrounding both the pre and main compression points reduce dust levels significantly. A suitable dust extractor unit with the essential hose piping may also be supplied on demand.    
  • Sound Reduction

  The transparent upper guards enclose the entire tableting zone to reduce sound level drastically. The drive system is contained within the lower cabinet which is closed by vibration-isolated, sound reducing guards. Anti-vibration mounts are fitted as standard equipment. Highly polished cam track profiles ensure smooth and efficient operation with low wear and noise emission.    
  • Operator Safety

  Operator safety is of paramount importance. All upper guards are fitted with interlock switches which ensure that the machine is not operated with the guards open. In addition, a warning light on the control panel gives visual indication that a guard is not properly closed. Two emergency stop buttons are fitted to stop the machine immediately. A simple - to - use control panel at the front of the machine allows safe adjustment of operating parameters and provides the operator with warning lights and signals.    
  • Cleanliness and Cleanability

  A large cabinet together with wide counterbalanced upper guards provide complete access to the area for cleaning purposes. The absence of corner pillars, dust traps and painted surfaces   also prevents dust to a large extent. Lower punch scraper seals prevent the material passing through the lower guides from entering into the cam tracks. This results in reduced wear and extended tool life. It also enables the machine to run for longer periods between clean downs. Dust extraction at both pre and main compression points significantly reduce dust levels in the tableting zone, enabling the machine to run for longer periods without interruptions for cleaning. Quick release caches fitted to the turret guards, feeders, upper punch guards, hoppers and powder inlet adjustments enable faster product changes and machine cleaning, saving valuable machine down time. The paint-free tableting zone, manufactured where possible, in stainless steel, also makes machine cleaning easier. A hinged transparent cover protects the control panel.    
  • Quick and Easy Tool Changeover

  SUNPRESS IV incorporates several design features to facilitate fast tool changeover, thus minimizing machine downtime. All upper punch guards are fitted with quick release caches which allow for rapid removal and immediate access for the punch zone. Upper punch removal is further assisted by means of the large upper punch retaining plate which, when removed, allow up to about ten punches to be replaced in one setting. The easily removable interlocked weight adjusting section speeds up lower punch and die removal. The hand wheel is protected with a cover and is situated at the punch loading point for indexing the turret during tool changeover.