• Unit is designed to meet requirements of GMP.
  • Contact Parts can be SS 304 / 316 quality.
  • Bowl, lid mixing agitator, discharge housing and all other contact parts will be of stainless steel.
  • All M. S. parts of the machine are Cladded / covered with stainless steel.
  • Components of the machine are having easy accessibility for cleaning.
  • All electrical & pneumatic parts are pre-wired to simplify installation.
  • Limit switch is provided on main lid and discharge valve for safe operation.
  • Discharge can be provided on either side to suit clients requirement.

Technical Specification

Model SUNRMG-10
Gross Volume in litres 10
Working Volume in litres 8
Main Motor in HP & 2/3 HP/3ph/
RPM Dual speed 750 / 1500
Mixing speed RPM 75 / 150
Chopper motor HP& 1/1.5 HP/3ph/
RPM Dual speed 1440 / 2880
Output speed RPM 1440 / 2880
Weight in Kgs. 200