Tablet Friability Testers SMFT Series has been designed in accordance with the specifications as laid down in USP and other Pharmacopoeia. Friabilator determines the Resistance of Tablets to the Abrasion and Shock experienced in Manufacturing, Packing and Shipping Operations.

Salient Feature:

  • Two Drums run Synchronously and Stop Automatically at the Timing Point.
  • The Drum is made of High Quality Transparent Plexiglas.
  • The Speed and Cyclomatic number of the Drum can be Preset at any time and either Preset or Real Data is displayed on the LED.
  • Automatic Intelligent Control the Rotary Speed and Cyclomatic Number of the Drum High Accuracy is attained in testing Rotary Speed and Circle Number
  • Inbuilt Auto-Test, Auto-Diagnose and Auto-Alarm
  • Validation of RPM and Count

Technical Specification

Model SMFT - 1 SMVFT 2
No. Of Cylinders 1 2
Cylinder Radius ?286 mm ?286 mm
Cylinder Depth 39 mm 39 mm
Tablet Falling Height 156 mm 156 mm
Rotary Speed Range 25 RPM 25 RPM
Rotary Speed Accuracy 1 RPM 1 RPM
Rotary Cyclomatic No. 100 RPM 100 RPM
Operational Cycle =24 Hours =24 Hours
POwer 111V/ 60 Hz / 60W 111V/ 60 Hz / 60W
Dimensions in mm 300 x 200 x 340 370 x 200 x 340
Weight 6 Kg 11 Kg